Sunday, January 14, 2018

July 2020 Picnic Cancelled

Green Township Historical Association
Green Township, Hamilton County Ohio

While activities are gradually opening up from the worst of the COVID-19 situation, the virus is still around.  The Lodge is open but with a lot of restrictions on the placing of tables/chairs and no banquet-style food unless their employees do the work. These situations make our usual style picnic meal troublesome. With all these conditions and the fact that many of our members are in the most vulnerable age category, we have decided to cancel the picnic this year   Thank you to you, our members, for your continued support of our organization.  We hope to have our regularly scheduled meeting in September.  Please keep your fingers crossed, and please make sure to keep yourselves healthy and safe!
Please spread the word to other members or possible guests who do not have access to the internet, email, or Facebook.  

Thank you for supporting the Green Township Historical Association!

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We hope you enjoy the meetings for 2020.  Please spread the word and bring a friend.  The more who come, the better.  We appreciate your attendance at our meetings and hope you enjoy the presentations!